Let the Good Times Flow

Whether you are wrapping up an epic journey on the trail or just soaking in the day’s lighter moments with friends, Westwater Hard Seltzer has an easy-sipping vibe with a refreshingly simple taste. Containing a mere 100 calories, 2.5g of carbs, each gluten-free can of Westwater is packed with natural fruit flavors and nothing artificial to dampen your spirits or weigh you down.

How The West Was Wet

With its rugged tree-lined canyons, soaring mountain vistas, and dramatic stone formations, the West is full of breathtaking beauty. Its diverse landscapes were carved over centuries by a precious and potent resource—water that once ebbed and flowed throughout the region as rivers, lakes and even seas.

Today, however, our home state of Utah is the second driest in the U.S., receiving a mere 13 inches of rain annually. With a population rising faster than the mercury on an August afternoon, the lack of moisture throughout the region is leaving many wondering if water holds the key to future, as well as our past.

A Clear Way Forward

Living in an arid climate requires us to be responsible stewards of our limited water resources. Water conservation and the protection of our unique ecosystem is the only way to ensure that future generations will be able to live, work and play in the shadows of Arches, Antelope Island or King’s Peak. By bringing attention to the critical efforts taking place to lead the way in water management, Westwater is looking to put the solutions in your hands, 12 ounces at a time.

We also want to do our part by donating 1% of all sales of Westwater Hard Seltzer to water conservation and protection causes throughout the state of Utah.

The Westwater Well Runs Deep

Westwater Hard Seltzer is produced by Uinta Brewing Company, and like many craft brewers who began with modest aspirations of serving a local audience, Uinta is synonymous with the state it calls home. From the outset, a love of the outdoors, a thirst for adventure, and a quest to bring quality craft beer to Utah both inspired and informed the brewery’s founders. 

The long-running mantra “Earth, Wind, and Beer” underscores Uinta’s commitment to its core values. In 2001, the brewery became the first company in Utah to rely solely on wind power. Later, Uinta installed solar panels. The two renewable resources work together to power the entire brewery, which sits on five acres near downtown Salt Lake City.

Find Your Flow

Let your thirst for adventure be your guide. We’ll point you in the right direction.